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OneSolution offers comprehensive help desk outsourcing services to businesses requiring a full-service technical resource center, a 24 hour help desk or a part-time help desk. As one of the industry’s leading outsourced service desk providers, we also offer application support center and customer service desk solutions. No matter what type of help desk outsourcing services your business needs, we can provide you with a complete and customized turnkey solution based on your unique IT needs.

Live 24x7

What is Live 24×7 Help Desk Support?

We understand the importance of your organization having immediate access to technical support. Our live 24×7 help desk support means your organization, large or small, can rely on quality IT help desk services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – including weekends and all holidays. Any time anyone in your organization needs IT help and support of any kind, one of our 300+ certified help desk consultants will be there to solve your support questions.

Fast 24x7

Vietnam-Based Support in the Language You Need

Since its inception, our 24-hour help desk services have been based in Vietnam. We understand how difficult it can be when you call other 24×7 help desk support lines and cannot understand your consultant, let alone get the helpful answers you expect in a timely fashion. That is why we hold our consultants to a higher standard, As a result, when your organization calls our help desk, you can expect a response within 60 seconds in a language best suited for your needs.

Win 24x7

Winning 24×7 Help Desk Support: Remote or Onsite

The 24×7 help desk consultants at Onesolution can resolve most desktop PC problems your organizationis experiencing as if they were standing right beside you. Our state-of-the-art support desk comes fully-equipped with the best technologies available to address and resolve your technology issues as fast as possible. We want to keep you winning with IT, and a slow resolution is not the answer.

Benefits of OneSolution 24x7
  • Knowledgeable, certified, Vietnam-based in-house staff
  • Web-based incident reporting and status tools for end users
  • 24×7 coverage capability
  • Tiered service levels and custom response requirements available
  • Online live support featuring DesktopStreaming™ technology
  • Optional shared operational control with your in-house help desk team
  • Online live support chat capabilities
  • On-site escalation support available
  • Team leader and project manager provided
  • Branded customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys
  • Multi-technology support
  • Complete trouble ticket tracking and reporting solution
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OSTech really helped us achieve our IT goals with Tailored industry hybrid IT solutions help simplify IT, which enables us to deploy IT solutions faster to optimize ours business.

Amanda Nguyen
Assistant IT Manager, Alien Ltd.

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