IT Operations MonitoringYou already have the machine data. Use ours system to turn it into answers.

OneSolution IT Operations Monitoring Services can help you simplify and modernize IT to increase uptime and a competitive edge.

 OneSolution IT Operations Monitoring service that enables you to search, analyze, and visualize the data gathered from the components of your IT infrastructure or business. OneSolution IT Operations Monitoring system takes in data from websites, applications, sensors, devices, and so on. After you define the data source, OneSolution IT Operations Monitoring system can indexes the data stream and parses it into a series of individual events that you can view and search.


When IT systems fail, it can cost your organization more than just money. It can cost you customers, your reputation and even your job. Fight downtime by monitoring and measuring uptime, performance, and response time of mission-critical applications and the infrastructure that they run on.

Now you can have a comprehensive view of your infrastructure to make it easier to investigate why systems go down. Whether your infrastructure is physical, virtual or in the cloud—Splunk® software integrates with many technology providers of choice for end-to-end visibility.


  • Cloud Monitoring
  • Server Monitoring
  • Container Monitoring
  • Virtualization Monitoring

Event Management

The ability to triage issues and outages fast is critical, but that can only happen when you’re able to quickly zero in on what matters. OneSolution IT Operations Monitoring with Splunk ITSI for Event Analytics tackles the large scale of machine data by applying machine learning to enable an AIOps solution. This allows you to easily understand what components support which highly visible and critical services—so you don’t waste your time looking at the wrong things. With Splunk ITSI for Event Analytics, you can:


  • Reduce event noise
  • Predict and prevent emerging incidents
  • Accelerate investigations
  • Ensure speedy recovery of business-critical services


Your business relies on applications to handle nearly every process. So when these applications deliver a poor customer experience, your reputation, revenue and competitive advantage are at risk. Only insight across applications and the infrastructure they run on can set you up for success.


  • Improve performance by identifying issues that affect availability & response time
  • Reduce mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) and troubleshoot problems faster
  • Gain insight on app usage including user behavior and application performance
  • Enable better DevOps with reduced time-to-market and improved agility
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