Data Center ColocationBest-in-class colocation facilities to meet your data center colocation needs.

One Solution Technology provides Data Center Colocation services in Vietnam with Tier III Datacenter (UPS, HVAC, Generator, Active N + 1) level. The service provides Customer with a secure location and network connectivity in a hardened facility for housing mission-critical servers and related equipment. We are provided rack space in lockable cabinets with dual power connections, backup UPS, remote management access for servers, hardware installation assistance, and a staffed Data Center Operations Desks.

Service includes:

  • Equipment rack space which are Rack APC Standard, 42U (Customer provided racks will be considered on a case-by-case basis).
  • Electrical connectivity with dual 220V (3 phase) power connections (power can be modified to suit at Customer’s expense).
  • Centralized UPS and generator will provide continuous power in the event that commercial power fails.
  • Use of Data Center network infrastructure.
  • Remote management access.
  • Physical security and access control.
  • Staffed Operations Desk (see Hours of Coverage).).
  • Automated 24×7 monitoring for environments and security.

reliable & safe

Location & Accessibility
No matter how connected this world is, there’s no getting around the fact that having your data nearby is a huge plus. At OneSolution, we believe local matters, and you should too when considering your data center provider.
When evaluating a data center partner, you must consider that the potential cost of a data center outage continues to rise as more critical business systems come to rely on information housed in the data center.
A data center is only as good as its connectivity, so be sure to carefully consider your carrier options. What carriers are available, and how will you connect to them?
Security & Compliance
Data breaches are higher than ever, and the cost to your business could be catastrophic. No one understands this more than OneSolution, and our data centers are built with your critical data in mind.
The importance of scalability in a world where data is growing exponentially is a must. When comparing data center providers, ensure that even if they will meet your current need today, they can continue to meet your needs tomorrow.
The Processes & The People
The people and the processes that run the facility and interact with you on a day-to-day basis must be a high priority in the selection criteria.

why customers choose us

Purpose-built facilities

We design and build mission-critical data centers optimized for performance and dependability. Our data centers deliver uninterrupted uptime with access to security, physical asset protection, workflow separation, and we back it all with detailed, 100% SLAs.

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State-of-the-art security

We protect your assets from natural disasters and other threats. Our colocation facilities are hardened to withstand the worst natural events, and we include customizable building security measures including biometrics and the latest electronic access systems.

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National 10Gbps Network

OneSolution’s 10Gbps network provides secure multi-layer, high performance and redundant connectivity between all Ours data center facilities, attached ISP  allowing you to rapidly deploy services and solutions with greater security and privacy via private connections.

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