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Drive innovation and accelerate your company’s growth with our full spectrum of digital, analytics and enterprise cloud services.

We’ll perform a careful analysis of your business objectives and growth strategy. Applying our deep industry and technical expertise, we will design, implement and manage your cloud estate to provide fast, attainable results that align with your transformation goals.

Whether you’ve yet to begin or have already started your cloud migration, the right partner can accelerate your company’s digital transformation and empower your business to stay ahead of the competition.

Cloud has revolutionized business in ways impossible to imagine even a few short years ago. Consider taxi (or passenger transportation) companies that do not possess cars. Accommodation providers that do not own any properties. Retailers without inventory. Media sites that do not produce content. And enterprise cloud companies that have no servers. Cloud has allowed many companies to move into new markets by not just doing things differently but by doing different things.

We offer services that were once thought impossible, to differentiate and innovate. We have the capabilities to go beyond improving a competitive position, by changing the playing field entirely.

OneSolution Strategy helps clients weave cloud into the fabric of their businesses and deliver everything “as-a-Service” or at the least take a first step in the full transformation. We deliver through:

  • Business Value Strategy: Determine how the business and technology transformation can be executed, this develops the very specific cloud business case to and the value realization approach validating how savings are achieved.
  • Multi-speed Operating Model Strategy: Define future operating models for an IT organization to function smoothly in a multi-speed environment.
  • DevOps Strategy: Redefine the relationship between development, operations, business and identifies impact on tools, processes and interaction between these teams as a result of shift to cloud adoption.
  • Service Strategy: Develop a solid business case, a companies need to understand what services need to be offered at different points in time.
  • Application Strategy: Examine which current state applications (or infrastructure needs) make the most business value sense to be fast movers.
  • Digital Resilience Strategy: Define an organization’s ability to maintain its operations in the face of an internal or external change or threat, and an organization’s capacity to anticipate disruptions, and create lasting value.

The benefits of cloud are plain—agility, speed to innovation and lower IT costs among them. But a cloud migration can be complex and disruptive. Enterprises are facing other mounting costs and entanglements with legacy apps as pressure builds to improve IT efficiency.

Amid the challenges that can increase the complexity of a cloud migration:

  • IT budgets out of synch with demand
  • Operating in a global environment
  • Ensuring seamless connectivity among apps—and other assets
  • Increasing internal and external customer expectations
  • The need for a hyperscale, always-on environment
  • Transitioning people, processes and tools to a cloud-fueled operating model

OneSolution is ready to help you navigate your Journey to Cloud. We have the tools, capabilities and experience to unravel the complexities of a cloud migration—and help you optimize your assets once they’re launched. We help companies get there as quickly and effortlessly as possible through a  rigorous series of carefully tested steps:

  • Plan: define your own journey to cloud
  • Move: to a new operating model and culture
  • Manage: to maximize value from cloud

Simply migrating to cloud does not unleash its true potential to transform your infrastructure. Our managed, cloud-based Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) drives efficiencies to maintain highest level of functionalities and availability. We offer complete management of your hybrid cloud environment. It helps drive cost efficiencies through shared services and flexibility of commercial models.

Our managed, cloud-based IaaS leads to operational agility with automation and AI infused knowledge items. The Cloud Operation Services are based on an ITIL based standard methodology to manage the cloud operations. This includes managing incidents, requests, change, release, configuration, asset, problem management, accounting and licensing for your cloud environment.

  • Service management automation and integration.
  • Consolidated monitoring of cloud environment to get single pane view
  • AI and Automation as a foundation layer
  • Comprehensive ITIL based operations framework
  • Ability to integrate existing resources for deployment and support
  • Manual and automated orchestration
  • Integrated governance with quarterly audit and management reviews
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OSTech really helped us achieve our IT goals with Tailored industry hybrid IT solutions help simplify IT, which enables us to deploy IT solutions faster to optimize ours business.

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